Finding Maintenance Services for Apartment Home

images-17If something needs to be fixed in your apartment home, it’s important to know when to call apartment maintenance services. Here is a guide to working with apartment maintenance services to fix problems in your apartment home.

Be aware of typical maintenance assistance
If something breaks due to normal wear and tear that was part of your apartment space before you moved in (plumbing fixtures, major appliances), chances are the repair is covered as part of your lease agreement and should be fixed by your apartment community maintenance team at no charge to you, the resident. This could include something as small as a clogged drain to something as dramatic as a foam-spewing dishwasher.

If the damage was caused due to negligence or an accident caused by the resident, apartment maintenance will likely fix the broken item, but may charge the resident for the repair or take the cost of the repair fees out of the renter’s security deposit. A broken window, for instance, might fall in this category of repair.

From time to time, the service team may perform regular maintenance or make upgrades to

Choosing Loft Furniture for Apartment

download-25A loft, also known as an attic was traditionally used for storage. But nowadays, when space is at a premium, loft homes are very common. A loft is nothing but the open space at the top of a house just below the roof. Since a loft is unlike other homes with multiple rooms, it is somewhat challenging to decorate a loft house. With its wide open space plan, you will need unique furniture ideas for the loft, to give the loft a comfortable and stylish atmosphere. Because there are no walls to demarcate different living areas, you have to use your imagination and creativity to use loft furniture for defining living areas. One of the biggest hassle that most loft owners face is shortage of storage space. So you need to choose furniture that is not only aesthetically pleasing but which is functional as well. Here we will give you some ideas on what type and style of furniture will look good in a loft.

Furniture for a Loft

The most important thing to keep in mind while decoration the interiors of a loft, is to choose the appropriate furniture and

How to Decorate Apartment with Fairy Lights

images-16Fairy lights evoke many things for many people. Whether it’s illuminating a Christmas tree or adding light to a wedding reception, they can be the perfect way to create a magical atmosphere in just about any space. They also happen to be cheap and easy to transport, making them the perfect addition to thedecor in any apartment.

If you’re struggling to add light to a space, fairy lights can really help to brighten up a dark corner or room. Here are nine creative ways to use fairy lights in decorating an apartment.

1. Around Picture Frames

Smaller strings of battery-powered fairy lights are perfect for brightening up boring picture frames. You can either drape them around the frame or stick them on permanently with Super Glue or craft glue.

2. On the Mantel

This is the most common use for fairy lights in a non-holiday setting. Adding a few strings of fairy lights can really add another dimension to the candles and photos that usually grace a fireplace, and they’ll also add light to the entire room.

Sometimes You Have to Do What is Best for Your Children

Moving out on my own was really tough on me. I made sure not to let me kids know that, though. I wanted them to feel as though everything will be alright. I will do everything in my power to make that true. I know that there are a lot of people who find a furniture warehouse nearby that sells great furniture at really low prices. My husband wouldn’t let me take any furniture from our home, so my plan was to buy some basic pieces at good prices to put into my new apartment for myself and the kids. I know that we will be fine.

When my husband told me that he had a girlfriend on the side for the last three years of our marriage, I was floored. I had no idea.

Cheap Renters Insurance for Apartments

Irrespective of wherever you live, whether in an apartment, studio, loft, condo, town house, duplex or a single family home, renters insurance helps you to cover your belongings, besides any liability which you may need to incur if your property is damaged.

Moreover, there are several people who rent out apartments only to those people who have purchased insurance coverage for renters, whenever a lease is signed. The best part is that renters insurance are not that costly and everyone can afford it.

Cheap Apartment Renters Insurance

Whenever you are searching for a cheap renters insurance, you should get a quote from several insurance companies. You can type the keywords ‘cheap apartment renters insurance’ in the search engine you choose, and the results would show numerous results of service providers. Moreover, you will also find websites wherein you can fill up a form, and get quotes from different companies, all in the click of a mouse.

Once you have the results, go through them and compare the quotes. Get a quick search done on the credentials of the company and see if the services provided to people is good enough. See what people have to say of all the companies before you

Apartment Guide Launches

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Apartment Guide, a leading resource for apartment searches nationwide, announces the launch of the “Night In or Night Out” Sweepstakes on Facebook® through Feb. 14. Participants visiting the Apartment Guide Facebook page will have a chance to win $100 prizes for their ideal night in or night out. Prizes include theater tickets, dining gift certificates, pizza delivery gift cards and movie subscription services.

The “Night In or Night Out” Sweepstakes is the latest Apartment Guide initiative designed to reach and connect with apartment consumers. With more than 100,000 Facebook “likes” and 8,000 Twitter followers to date, Apartment Guide is capitalizing on consumers’ preference for social media, garnering more than 3.4 million impressions on Facebook throughout 2011 and 8,200 consumer actions through post likes, comments and shares. Through ongoing outreach and content partnerships with bloggers, Apartment Guide generated 15,280-plus consumer comments, 2,200-plus Tweets, 1,100-plus Facebook posts on non-Apartment Guide channels and nearly 3 million impressions.

“We are focused on maintaining an ongoing relationship with consumers through our multi-channel strategy,” said Arlene Mayfield, Senior Vice President, PRIMEDIA and President, Apartment Guide, Rentals and Homes divisions. “Programs such as our Night In or Night Out Sweepstakes introduce Apartment

How to Help to Find a College Apartment

Living off-campus in a college apartment is a rite of passage for many students. To ease the journey for all concerned, we’ve got tips for parents ahead.

Off-campus living means greater independence from the university support system, more responsibility as a renter, and increased real-world experience — including plenty of its own potential distractions. Being able to choose an apartment, rather than being assigned space in a residence hall, can allow your child to create a living situation of her own, however. If your child is ready for it, off-campus living also typically means choosing her own roommates — hopefully, other students who will stay in sync regarding their studies.

Location and price remain prime considerations
When your child decides he wants to locate an off-campus apartment, as a parent, you may well want to intervene with help. Hopefully, your child values your involvement and wants your advice. Be sensitive, however, to the desire to strike out on his own, and allow for that growing sense of independence.

As you help your child think through the details of finding and paying for an apartment, you’ll want to remember all the basics. An easy commute to

Best Apartment DIY Skills

One of the best parts about living in an apartment is that when something goes wrong (like the heat isn’t working or the toilet won’t stop running), you don’t really have to take care of it yourself. That’swhat maintenance is for!

As great as having a handyman on call is, there are some apartment DIY basics you should know how to do yourself. Sometimes maintenance may not be as quick as you’d like, or it may just be something you’d rather handle on your own. From fixes to decor, here are five easy DIY projects every renter should know how to do for their apartment:

1. How to Unclog a Drain

Small plumbing inconveniences like a clogged drain or toilet can be frustrating, but the great news is they’re pretty easy to take care of on your own. Unclogging a sink requires just the tiniest bit of plumbing know-how, but it’s relatively simple.

First, remove the drain stopper by locating the pivot rod that’s holding it in place under your sink. The pivot rod should be stuck through the pipe and secured with a nut on the pipe near the bottom of the sink.

Tips for Efficiency Apartment

You might have visited many houses that have single room and a kitchen, but are very well planned and structured. They are known as efficiency or studio apartments. In such apartments, there are no sleeping quarters or separate bedrooms. A single room is partitioned and utilized as living room and kitchen. Partitions are raised for cooking, sleeping, eating, and living; the washroom is separate.


For the accurate division of space, measure the area of the floor. The floor plan is a very important factor of planning and designing the area. Once you take the measurements, you will get an idea about the amount of space required for each partition. Keep the living area bigger than the kitchen. You can also construct a small sitting area. Divide the kitchen into two zones for eating and cooking.

For maximum utilization of space, place your wardrobe or tables in the corners of the apartment. Place room dividers separate spaces for different purposes. For office space, keep the shelf or table in the corner and have a small wooden divider that will separate it from the living space. Similarly, you can divide the kitchen from your living room. The sitting area should

Finding Furniture Ideas for Your Studio Apartment

Owing to the skyrocketing price of real estate, studio apartments are gaining more and more popularity in the past few years. These apartments are preferred mainly by students and bachelors, who either live alone, or share it with roommates. These studio or single-room apartments are difficult to design and decorate due to their limited space. Because of the space constraint, the apartment tends to look cluttered and messy. Furnishing these kinds of apartments can be quite a problem, since the limited space needs to be converted into a multi-utility living space. Choosing the furniture requires imagination and creativity on your part, which would in turn, combine efficiency, comfort, function, beauty, and style. Here are some great furniture plans that will help you add fashionable accents to your apartment.

How to Choose Furniture for a Studio Apartment

When you rent, or purchase a studio apartment, the first thing that comes to your mind is the furniture. What kind of furniture should I be buying? Where will all this fit? Will my heavy, colonial-style furniture look good in the small space? Well, these questions are bound to pop up in your mind; so, here are the things that

Ways to Subletting An Apartment

Subletting is a unique renting situation in that you’ll only be in the apartment for a few months instead of the whole lease term. As such, the etiquette and rules for subletting are different than signing a lease for a whole year.

Whether you’ll only be in town for a short period or just want to get a taste of the neighborhood before committing, there are plenty of reasons to sublet. And if you’re going that route, you might need some pointers. So, I’ve compiled this list of tips for subletting:

Expect Documents

Many people try to go under the table or behind a landlord’s back when subletting, but this is both dishonest and risky. If you didn’t sign any paperwork giving you legal permission to stay, you could be kicked out. Plus, if the actual tenant gets in trouble, you will too. Never trust someone’s word, only their printed signature.

You should expect to fill out an application and subletting form, so if the person from whom you’re renting doesn’t ask for these things, find someone else! Additionally, if you have a signed subleasing form, you don’t have to worry about contacting the landlord for

Apartment Hunting Tips

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when beginning the search for an apartment is the following: What are my needs? Having the answer to this question before you start your search can easily help you narrow down your vast number of options, and make the overall process less stressful for you. When apartment hunting, we first break down the search by deciding the type of apartment we are looking for:

The Studio vs. The One-Bedroom

Do you need separation of space or do you prefer to live in one big open room? If you are moving into an apartment alone, this is a crucial question. Studios are typically one large room with a kitchen and full bathroom. On occasion, there is a dividing wall, but no doors except on closets and the bathroom. One bedroom apartments are usually larger than a typical studio with a bedroom, kitchen, and living room that are separated by both walls and doors. The one bedroom offers more privacy while the studio allows for an open concept space.

The High-Rise vs. The Mid-Rise

This is especially important if you live in a city location. If you

Finding Loft Design Ideas

When you are staying in a loft apartment, decorating it can be fun. Lofts often offer free space with a few pillars which can be decorated in your own style. Yes, while many might find decorating these places as a tough task, these areas give you a lot of interior designing freedom which can be a great addition to your living space. Although they are often thought to be boring, they can be converted into usable spaces and planned creatively to match your tastes.

Plan First
Before you start working on various ideas, the first thing you need to do is ‘plan’. Get a couple of drawing papers and a pencil. Start sketching your ideas and plans of arranging the apartment. With a completely free space available in front of you, you can design it in numerous ways. Ask yourself how you can occupy each corner, and what can be placed near which wall? Designing the space depends on what you will be using it for. An office loft will be definitely different from the bedroom loft. While the decor can be the same, the ideas for creating various spaces in this area will vary. Plan where you want

Ways to Put Your House Up for Rent

You own multiple properties that are not being used. You don’t wish to sell them, but you can’t even bear the fact that they are just lying there. The solution to all your woes? Put the property up for rent. Whether it is a residential area or a commercial space, you need to first take into consideration certain factors. Right from making the property appear attractive and presentable, to effective advertising, it all matters. The tips discussed in this article should help you get the best price for your property and value for your money, too.

Do Some Math
Calculate your earning potential and your expenses, as well. Subtract your expenses like house taxes, electricity bill, water taxes from the rent that you get so that you’re able to know whether it is a profitable business or not. Gather as much information from local property dealers and mediators as you can about rent rates in the area of your house location.

Professionalism Works
Ideally, you should contact an agent who will help you set up the right value for your property and bring in the right kind of tenants. The agent will charge a fee for his/her services. It is

Getting Low Income Apartments for Rent

Finding a home is often a challenging task for low income families. As these families cannot come up with enough funds to buy their own homes, they often choose to rent low income apartments. These are houses which are rented only to those living on a low income. Hence, the first condition for finding low income apartment is that you must be able to prove that you have low income. To prove this, your income must be less than 50% of the median income of the area, in which you plan to rent an apartment. You can explore various avenues for finding cheap apartments for rent.

How to Find Low Income Apartments for Rent

In a way, low income apartments are pretty hard to find on rent, as there are so many people who want to have one. However, if you keep trying, you may indeed come across an apartment that best suits your budget as well as other needs.

Approach HUD
The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is a branch of the Federal Government that also aims at making affordable homes available to low income groups. There are various housing rental programs offered by the HUD, such

Buying First Furnishing Your Apartment

Furnishing a first apartment is a great feeling, but it can also be an overwhelming process. There are so many options for everything that even deciding on a towel set can seem like too much pressure. Plus, a smaller budget can at times mean refraining from buying some things altogether.

If you’re on a budget, knowing what to buy first will help you allocate your spending accordingly. That way, you can get what you’ll truly need, then use the rest of your budget on little touches that will turn the space into a home. Here’s a priority list of what to buy when furnishing your first apartment:

A Bed

Your first priority should be a bed, since it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time while at home. In fact, the most essential part of the bed is the mattress. Get a good quality mattress that you’ll sleep well on and be able to keep for several years.

As far as bed frames go, a basic frame is all that’s really needed, but feel free to get something a little more decorative. Though not absolutely necessary, it may make you feel a little

How to Keep Apartment Safety

Getting ready to head out on vacation this year? You’ve probably already planned for what you’re packing, how you’re getting there, hotels, activities and everything else you need to have a great time. However, you may be forgetting one essential element: securing your apartment. Nothing can bring a fun vacation to a screeching halt quicker than finding out you’ve had a break-in, or that there’s been damage from fire or water while you were gone. Follow these apartment security tips to ensure you’re doing everything you can to come back to a settled situation.

Check all door and window locks a few weeks before your vacation.

Is that front door lock a little loose? Have a window that just won’t close all the way that you’ve been ignoring? Make a note of these things a few weeks before your vacation so you can submit a service request to your apartment community maintenance department in a timely manner. Having these items fixed can help to secure your apartment against break-ins and theft.

Make sure the batteries in your smoke alarm are up to date.

If you’re not already checking the batteries on your apartment’s smoke

How to Keep Cool In Your Apartment

Whether you don’t have an indoor air conditioning system or just don’t like those sky-high cooling bills, you can keep the heat at bay during the summer in a number of inexpensive ways. If you’re already running the ceiling fans, wearing shorts and living on the bottom floor of your house orapartment, here are some new ways to keep cool during the dog days of summer.

1.  Kick back with popsicles. Don’t just eat them, lie on them. These inexpensive (usually a few dollars for a box of 100), multi-colored popsicles in pull-apart plastic packaging make an excellent, icy, body-conforming raft. After they’re frozen through, lay a connected row of them (unopened) on your bed, lay back and chill out. When they melt, put them back in the freezer and repeat. You might want to put a towel over them when they’re first out of the freezer to avoid the shocking cold.

2.  Freeze your sheets. Place your sheets and pillowcases in the freezer a few hours before bedtime, and make your bed with them right before you get in. They might stay cold enough long enough for you to fall asleep in soothing, cool comfort.

Renovation Apartment Tips

Living in a rental – whether it is anapartment or a rental home – comes with a lot of regulations. Your landlord may not approve of painting over the boring renters’ beige color on your wall, and replacing hardware or updating the kitchen will come out of your pocket.

However, you can cheaply and easily renovate and add your personal touch to your rental to make it look like a brand new place. Remember to check with the landlord and read the lease carefully before starting any project.

Check with your landlord and the lease to see what the terms are for painting. Even if your landlord approves, be sure to ask questions. For example, will he or she withhold your deposit, or will you have to pay a per wall fee if you move out without painting over it? If you receive the OK to paint, choose a color that suits you, but also be sure to choose a color that can be easily painted over when your lease is up (i.e. don’t paint the walls black, dark red, etc.).

Super Easy DIY Painted Marble Vases

Wall Décor
Wallpaper will take

Ways to Turn Your Child’s Bedroom into Homework Space

If you have a child, you know that his or her bedroom can be many things. It can be a restful place for sleep, an imaginative playland for toys, and even a place that he or she is sent for discipline when in trouble. However, one of the most important – yet challenging – environments to create within a child’s room is an inspiring homework space. It can be tough to get your child to focus on work once they are home after a long day at school, but one thing that can help is having a place specifically designated for work that makes it feel both important and fun. Want to know more about how to create a space within a bedroom that is great to do homework and study in? Check out our 5 helpful tips below. They can help you turn your child’s bedroom into a multi-purpose space where fun meets function.

1. Designate a Wall or Corner

One of the most important ways you can help your child stay focused on his homework in his bedroom is by designating a specific wall or corner of the room as a workspace. Put a desk in the space, as well